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Part I - The House

Part II - The Ghost

Fabric Pieces

'The House' (2020) consists of two photographic series, created for the final project of my undergraduate course.

Layers of out-dated wallpaper, vintage fixings, and boarded up windows; a house stands alone on a hill. A ghost of its former grandeur. It was this house that I found in my early teens, and henceforth frequently revisited, that brought me to an awareness of our fascination with derelict spaces which seem almost activated by human presence. Natures resurgence in decaying synthetic structures exemplifying its persistence yet fragility, with artefacts serving as evidence of the ravages of time and neglect. By capturing the merging of the interior of the house and natural forms of the exterior through double exposure photography and leaving the frames which match up to chance. Building on this element of chance, by experimenting with long exposure photography, the impression left by my movement illustrates my shifting presence in a place usually left in it's stillness. I reflect on a relationship with an empty house, which has come to feel like home.   


Due to covid-19 I was never able to showcase this project in the way I planned. I'm hoping in the future I will have the chance to exhibit these works in the way I imagined for my degree show.


There is however a video I created as part of this project. You can view this video on my Vimeo.

I also created a digital copy of the book which would have accompanied the exhibition which you can view as a PDF here.

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